donderdag 25 juni 2009

Astrology chart Thom Hoffman

Thom Hoffman is an actor and a photographer. Just like the other photographers (Anthony Armstrong Jones and Henri Cartier Bresson, click the label 'photographers' to see their charts) he has an aspect between Mars and Uranus (a creative quintile in this case) for using flashes. Uranus is the symbol of flashlight and electricity.

He has the pattern of artistic talent in his chart like this:

Pisces on Midheaven
Cancer Ascendant with an elevated Moon
Venus in Pisces
Venus trine Neptune (very tightly)
Moon inconjunct Netpune
Venus semi sextiele Neptune
VEnus half semi square Sun/Moon
Venus sesqui-semi square ASC/MC
Venus conjunct Midheaven

In other words: Neptune (dispositor of the Pisces MC) is connected with the Moon and Venus. This is reflecting sense of art,style and beauty with artistical talent related to a profession or to the public function. And with Venus sesquisquare Jupiter/Neptune he will have fans and followers.

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