zaterdag 4 april 2009

Astrology chart Alice Cooper

On this blog you see the astrological pattern of talent in the charts of artist. This pattern involves Moon, Venus, Neptune and/or the sign that they rule (Cancer, Taurus, Libra and Pisces), related to Midheaven.

The natal chart of Alice Cooper has a chain of indications for artistic talent.

1. Neptune is angular, on the Ascendant (and that also explains his 'mask' and his pseudo (his real name is Vincent Furnier)
2. Libra is on the Ascendant
3. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is in Pisces
4. Mutual reception of Venus and Neptune (they are in each other's sign)
5. Cancer is on Midheaven
6. The Moon (ruler of Midheaven) is 157.5 degrees from Midheaven. Any midpoint in the 22.5 degree range with Moon is a midpoint with Midheaven and vice versa.
7. Venus (ruler of the Ascendant) is 112.5 degrees from Midheaven, another marking point in the 22.5 degree range.
8. Moon is square Venus
9. Neptune is square Midheaven

The Moon connects Venus (by square), Neptune (by 67.5 degree aspect, a semisesquisquare) and Midheaven (by 157.5 degree aspect and by rulership).
Midheaven connects Venus (112.5 degrees), Moon (rulership and 157.5 degree) and Neptune (square).
And so forth...And there is even more...

- Moon, Neptune and Pallas are in aspect with the crucial midpoint ASC/MC, another indication for the importance of acting (Moon), fantasy and art (Neptune) and structures or patterns (Pallas).
- Venus is square Uranus and that is often so in the charts of pop artists. The aspect gives sense of rhythm and artistical aspirations. Jupiter (final dispositor of the MC-routing) is square Venus and Uranus and contributing success to the aspirations.
- Mercury and Mars are in aspect with the important midpoint Sun/Moon AND with Jupiter/Pluto. In other words: Sun/Moon = Jupiter/Pluto ... there is a reigning need for successes.
- And with Moon ruler MC conjunct Jupiter the chances were great to have that success.

So he has the astrological pattern of artistic talent AND indications for success in his chart.

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