zondag 26 april 2009

Astrology chart Sammy Molcho (mime artist)

Sammy Molcho is an Israelian mime artist. I found his chart in the files of my computer program 'Astrolab'. Here is the astrological pattern of artistic talent:

Moon is in Cancer
Moon is on Midheaven
Moon is square Aries Point
Moon is quintile Venus
Venus is 'calling' not making major aspects)
Moon is 75 degrees from Neptune
MC is 75 degrees from Neptune
MC is quintile Venus

Moon is semi square ASC/MC
Venus is semi square Sun/Moon
Midheaven is conjunct Venus/Neptune
Moon is conjunct Venus/Neptune

The Moon and Midheaven are in aspect with Venus and Neptune. The Moon is the symbol of acting (pretending, imitating). But what is the symbol of silence? The chart of Molcho has no placements in air signs (only the Ascendant, in Libra). That tells us that communications is important, at any level. And the Sun is conjunct Uranus for the will to be special, exceptional. And mime is an exceptional way to demonstrate acting skills.

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