zondag 15 februari 2009

Astrology chart Maria Callas

It is the unique voice that made Maria Callas a star. Venus quintile Uranus promisses creative sense of rhythm and the Sun on the Ascendant (conjunct Antares): fame. Venus is connected to Midheaven conjunct Moon. Neptune is semi quintile Midheaven. There is a pattern of artistic talent in her chart. But when we read the chart at first sight, we see an entertainer, an international star in the first place. The Sun (the star) is on her Ascendant, reflecting that she drew attention and was in the center of it all (performing, dramatic presentations). Jupiter (the international) is rising before the Sun. With the Moon in top emotions were important in her style.

There is a article on Astropost about her relationship with Aristoteles Onassis.

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