zondag 8 februari 2009

Astrology chart Emperor Nero

'What an artist is dying with me' said Nero, at the end of his notorious life. He had a high opinion about his artistic talent as a poet. In his chart you see connections between Moon, Venus and Neptune. These connections are frequent in the charts of artists that you find on this blog 'Art&Astrology'. Moon, Venus and Neptune are related by minor aspects (160 degrees, 15 degrees; not Ptolemaic aspects like trines, for example). These kind of aspects often show characteristics that are not apparent but latent.

In this case there is also an aspect with Midheaven (Moon sextile) and we see Mercury semi square Midheaven and Sun/Moon-midpoint. That shows that he wanted to be a writer in heart and soul. Unfortunately his violent nature was much more prominent in his chart. If you want to know about THAT aspect of the man and the related structure of his natal chart, see Astropost (click on the link).

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