woensdag 4 februari 2009

Astrology chart Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is an actrice and actrices need to have artistic talent. Fortunately, on the day, time and place that she was born,artistic talent (and beauty) was written in the sky. Look at the drawing of the chart and you see that Moon, Venus and Neptune are prominent*) and connected to each other (and to Midheaven in Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus...). That is the same kind of pattern as in the charts of other artists on this blog Art&Astrology.

Katie Holmes' Sun has no aspects. That is great for an artist. She is drawing attention at any kind of level. With Venus and Uranus connected to the Ascendant (the symbol of representing yourself) extraordinary beauty was to be expected. The Moon conjunct ASC ads attraction...

*) Prominent placements are:
rising before the Sun (like Neptune in this case)
without aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees
angular (on ASC, MC, DESC or IC)
on top (opposite top)

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