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Astrology chart Agatha Christie

On September 15, 1890 one of the greatest authors of detectives was born: Agatha Christie. It was in Torquay, at about 4:30 a.m., when Neptune and Pluto were on top together, Saturn was rising just before the Sun and conjunct Ascendant and Mercury didn't make any major aspect within 5 degrees. Secrets, discretion, hidden danger and suspense would mark her life and that is in line with Neptune-Pluto.

In 1926 'The murder of Roger Ackroyd' was a successful mystery and so is the fact that Agatha leaves her husband for about 12 days within giving notice of her whereabouts. That year she has progressed MC inconjunct Jupiter for success, but....(not happy). A divorce follows in 1928. That is when the progressed Sun is changing sign to indicate a different kind of life or another lifestyle. She meets another man and marries him.*)

But how about the writer in her chart? Here is the pattern of talent:
Moon in the sign of style, Libra
Neptune is elevated
Moon is trine MC
Neptune is conjunct MC (translation of light by the Moon)
Venus inconjunct Neptune (artistic talent and romantic feelings, but...not well balanced)
Moon trine Neptune
Mercury (ruler of the MC) is in Libra, without aspects!
In other words: Neptune (on top) is connected to Venus, Moon and Midheaven in the sign of communications (Gemini) and that is a complete astrological pattern of artistic talents! In addition, Saturn is angular and Saturn rules the 5th house of entertainment (even though Saturn gives it a serious touch:). Mercury is the planet of communications (writing, talking, transport). Her career (MC) is defined by her communication skills. And those skills can reach any level (because Mercury has exclamation marks - no aspects!-).

The Moon trine Jupiter in the 5th house gives and astrological explanation for the reason why she loved to travel. Venus, Neptune and Pluto are in aspect with the Ascendant. Perhaps that is the perfect statement for mysterious pleasures and entertainment connected with her name?

*) Indications for more than one marriage: Sun square Mars, Mars 105 degrees from Saturn, Saturn in the first house square ruler 7 (Neptune).

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