woensdag 9 september 2009

Astrology chart D.H. Lawrence

Lady Chatterly's lover was written by David H. Lawrence. Was his book a piece of art, or was it an erotic piece of art? His chart tells us that he had sense of style and beauty and perhaps loved the ladies (Moon conjunct Venus in Libra). Moon and Neptune are ruled by Venus. There is no other connection of the pattern of artistic talent with Midheaven than a minor aspect of the Moon (67.5 degrees, sesquisemisquare). He used to be a teacher (the Moon is also the symbol of children). He died very young of tuberculosis. His health forced him to stop teaching. But his health did not stop him to have 'free sex' (in those days very controversial). His Scorpio Ascendant might be the key to that. Pluto (ruler 1) is in the 8th house of sex, life and death. Pluto is trine Uranus (symbol of controversy and freedom).

D.H. Lawrence was a writer. The Midheaven is ruled by the Sun in Virgo and the Sun is ruled by Mercury - planet of communications - in it's own sign Virgo (the sign of the critic; he worked as a critic, too).

The ruler of Midheaven is conjunct Jupiter and Jupiter is the oriental planet (in other words: the planet that rises before the Sun). Jupiter is the symbol of traveling. The last 10-15 years of his life D.H. Lawrence was visiting various countries in Europe, America and Australia. He wrote several books about his voyages. He died in France.

His most famous work was not appreciated until decades after his death.

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