donderdag 5 maart 2009

Astrology chart of Maurice Ravel

The Bolero of Maurice Ravel is world famous. Ravel was born in 1875 but his music is still modern. Uranus on the Midheaven mirrors the man ahead of his time.

The artistic pattern is clear. The Moon is in Pisces, semi square Venus and Venus is square Neptune (out of sign). The Moon is biquintile Midheaven. This is already enough to see sense of beauty and style. And it shows artistic talent, creatively related to the careeer.

Ravel had several long lasting relationships but never married. I like to point at Pluto in the seventh house (making marriage a challenge or a must). This Pluto is exactly square Saturn. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and fear. Possibly he was to scared to be bound to one person only.

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