zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Astrology chart Al Pacino

Art&Astrology shows you that there is an artistic pattern in the natal charts of artist. Actor Al Pacino has such a artistic pattern in his natal chart. It is a complete compositon of Moon, Venus and Neptune with Midheaven. This composition relates the career to artistic talent (sensitivity and empathy) and sense of art, style and beauty.

1. Moon opposition Venus
2. Moon square Neptune
3. Venus square Neptune
4. Moon trine MC
5. Venus sextile MC
6. Neptune inconjunct MC
7. Moon in the 5th house of entertainment

Success was written in the chart, too. Jupiter is rising before the Sun and conjunct Midheaven. Pluto is conjunct Ascendant. The prominence of the combination of Jupiter and Pluto leads (most of the time) to successes. The special marks in his chart (the Astro I.D.) shows great confidence.

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