dinsdag 10 maart 2009

Astrology chart Stevie Wonder

A perfect example of the astrological artistic pattern is Stevie Wonder. In his chart the pattern is complete.

1. Neptune is on the Ascendant, an important placement for the symbol of the artist
2. Venus is opposition Ascendant, a prominent place for the 'talents'
3. Moon is rising before the Sun, so sense is highlighted
4. Moon is conjunct Venus (conjunction translated by Neptune's light)
5. Venus is opposition Neptune (for the question of artistic talents)
6. Moon is opposition Neptune (for the question of sensitivity and empathy)
7. Moon rules Midheaven
8. Neptune is square Midheaven (exactly)
9. Neptune is connected to ASC/MC (so that fantasy and 'vision' is crucial)
10. Venus semi square Jupiter/Pluto (great success as an artist or in love, earning a lot of money)

Venus is involved in a wide square with Uranus, with the Sun conjunct the midpoint Venus/Uranus for sense of rhythm.

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