woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Astrology chart Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman has a statue in Moscow now and I have his chart to share with you. Walt Whitman was a homosexual and therefore controversial poet. Professional artistic talent in a chart is indicated by aspects or other connections between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven. These are the indications for artistic talent in Walt Whitman's chart:

1. Moon trine Neptune for sense of art and finetuned feelings
2. Venus in Taurus for style and beauty
3. Venus conjunct Ascendant for the prominence of style
4. Venus without major or minor aspects (! calling Venus!) for style and pleasure as an important issue

5. Sun rules 5th house of creativity and is square AC/MC
6. Jupiter is half semisquare AC/MC
7. Neptune is 157.5 (sesquisquare and half semi square) AC/MC
(Together Sun, Jupiter and Neptune create the combination of the devoted audience and performance as a crucial factor)

8. Moon is in the 5th house of creativity, representing the need to be creative

Whitman was a poet, so he needed words in his job. Mercury is in aspect with his Midheaven. He was controversial for being openly gay (Sun quindecile = 165 degrees - Uranus and semi square Mars; Mars trine Uranus). There are a few keys for not getting married as usual, like Moon in the 5th house inconjunct Saturn and of course the Mars-Uranus connection. The Neptune-Uranus aspect with progressed Midheaven right now is an indication for the controversial effect of the statue in Moscow right now.

The Moscow statue is news now that Whitman's chart has a Jupiter return with Jupiter inconjunct IC like in the natal chart. Jupiter is the planet of success and of traveling or the international setting.
For the picture of his statue, click here...

Poem hunter has a lot of poems by Walt Whitman on his site: http://www.poemhunter.com/walt-whitman/

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