maandag 26 oktober 2009

Astrology chart Andrew Lloyd Webber

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber was born into an artistic family. That is why we see Ceres (symbol of the roots and genes) conjunct Midheaven (career, profession) and both conjunct Venus (talent, style).

The astrological pattern of artistic talent is build by aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and related to the signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune. In the chart of Andrew Lloyd Webber the pattern is as follows:

Taurus on Midheaven
Venus conjunct Midheaven
Venus in Taurus
Venus biquintile Neptune (creative artistic talent!)
Moon semi square Neptune (sensitivity)
Venus final dispositor of the Midheaven routing
Moon conjunct Ascendant
Jupiter is ruler of the 5th house of creations and is rising before the Sun

The Sun doesn't make major aspects in sign and is positioned on Aries Point. That is an indication for drawing attention, for show, for leadership and for the 'star'.

This is not a complete reading of a chart. It is just to show you the major keys to the talent of this artist.

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