zondag 4 oktober 2009

Astrology chart Sean Penn

Can we see an artistic pattern in the chart of Sean Penn? Yes we can! And can we see why he is so often in the news for hitting a reporter? Yes, we can do that,too!

Sean Penn was born August 17, 1960 at 15h17 in Santa Monica. This is the pattern of artistic talents:

Libra Midheaven
Moon square Midheaven
Moon in Cancer
Moon sextile Venus
Moon trine Neptunu
Venus sextile Neptune
Venus half semi square Midheaven

And of course he is a star (Venus in Virgo rules Midheaven, Mercury is in Leo, so is the Sun). The Sun is trine Jupiter (for self confidence) and quintile Neptune (for a creative lively fantasy). The combination of Sun-Jupiter-Neptune is frequent in the charts of those who have a devoted audience, such as movie stars have.

Sean Penn has Mars in Gemini, the sign of communications) quintile Uranus. That is reflecting a creative way to loose his short temper and to act immediately. Uranus rises before his Sun. Uranus happens to reflect 'news', too...
Transit Uranus is now inconjunct his natal Sun (disproportional upheaval). Reason enough for reporters to follow him and tell us about him.

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