vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

Astrology chart Nicholas Cage

Actor Nicholas Cage has the Moon in Libra. This means that he has sense of style. It is one of the positions involved in 'the astrological pattern of artistic talents' that is based upon the aspects or relations of Moon, Venus and Neptune with each other and with Midheaven (to have an artistic career), like in the chart of Nicholas Cage.

There are aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune.The Moon and Venus are 112.5 degrees apart. The Moon is half semi square Neptune. Venus is square Neptune. And all three of them are in aspect with the important midpoint AC/MC, while Venus rules the Midheaven. Here you see a complete pattern! His artistic talent (reflected by Moon-Venus-Neptune) is of importance for his career (Midheaven).

Neptune holds the most prominent position (rising before Sun and Mercury, the oriental planet) and Neptune is conjunct AC/MC (the strongest aspect with AC/MC compared to that of Moon - half semisquare - and Venus - square-).
Neptune is the planet of the movies.

Lately, Nicholas Cage seems to be short of money. In the progressed chart there is an upcoming inconjunction of Venus and Pluto. The inconjunction is reflecting lack of balance (and a risk or chance for something getting lost) while Venus-Pluto is the financial axis.

(Source of hour of birth: Astrotheme.fr)

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