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Astrology chart Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John's chart has the ethereal planet Neptune without major aspects; a so called 'calling' Neptune. It means that she is an empathic person with fantasy or compassion or vision at any possible level. Such a 'calling' state of Neptune is perfect for an artist and for a romantic person. Neptune is even more important, because of the 67.5 degrees from AC/MC (that is a sesqui semi square), making Neptune of crucial importance. The important Neptune goes together with a strong Moon in Cancer in the 10th house (for the ability to memorize and keep memories alive by interpreting or copying behavior = acting). Venus is conjunct the midpoint Sun/Moon for being motivated by pleasure, entertainment and beauty. The mutual reception of Sun and Venus at the end of the vocational routing through the MC also points at the star in the world of entertainment, the beauty. With the Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer (ruled by Venus and Moon) she was already born with sense of beauty. Mercury quintile Venus gives her a creative talent in communications.

With Jupiter opposition, Venus sextile and Neptune 112.5 degrees from Midheaven, her public career is related to having devoted fans and followers (the Jupiter-Neptune combination) even though she sings that she is totally devoted to YOU:)
Jupiter is sesquisquare AC/MC (Neptune is 67.5 AC/MC): this shows again how important her fans are for her position in society.
I don't often name the Pars Fortunae, but it is very obviously positioned on top of the chart (exactly square AC, conjunct Midheaven). You'd almost think that Olivia was born for fortune, if you didn't know that she survived breast cancer and that a nasty affair keeps coming back in the press...

On June 30, 2005 Patrick McDermott (a man without date of birth, adopted) disappeared during a fishing*) trip. He is presumed to be alive and well and only on the run because of debts. Rumors grow, and it may not be long before he will be arrested. He lived with Olivia Newton-John, who's now married (since 2008). That brings a nasty story back into her life during the transit of Saturn square her Midheaven and with Mars opposition Uranus in her progressed chart. When her friend left home she had:
- progressed Sun changing sign (and the first aspects in the new sign would be with Saturn - a square - and Uranus - trine-)
- transit Pluto square Ascendant
- progressed Midheaven inconjunct Vertex
Olivia has indications for separation from men and problems with males in general in her natal chart. Conflicts with Mars (square Pluto, 75 degrees from Saturn, sesquisquare Uranus, square Venus) show that she needs to take care who to trust and that she might be forced to defend herself (for example: against aggression). The semi quintile of Mars and Jupiter shows creative enterprise. But let's get back to the artist in the chart.

Why is she a singer/actor and not a painter, for example? Look at the Midheaven in Gemini, pointing at communications and messages. And the ruler, Mercury, doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. When a planet doesn't make major aspects in sign it is a 'calling' planet. What Mercury calls is the voice, the message and communication in general. She is not a writer, but a singer and actor because of the elevated ruler of the 5th house: show, entertainment!

She started her solo career in 1969, when the progressed Uranus returned to the natal position. Perhaps this stimulated her individuality. In 1974 she won the Eurovision Song Festival with 'A long live love'. Shortly after that she went to the USA. In 1974 her progressed Sun was in the 29th degree of Libra. The position of the Sun in the final degrees of a sign is reflecting a transformational period. The final aspect in that sign was with the ruler of Midheaven (Mercury). She became famous all over the world. Jupiter's crucial angular position (opposition Midheaven and sesquisquare AC/MC) tells us that traveling is of importance for her career. I already mentioned the importance of Neptune. In 1978 (the year of GREASE) in the progressed chart Neptune was conjunct the Ascendant.

She was born with Saturn rising before the Sun. Later, in progression, Neptune became the oriental planet. A prominent Saturn and Neptune sesquisquare Node and square Midheaven AND conjunct Ascendant might be indicating the period of illness in her life. The period of the battle against cancer in 1992 is mirrored by the progressed aspect of Sun square Pluto. This aspect often intensifies the lifestyle, changes it and brings problems (Pluto) to the light (Pluto), the hard way (square). Notice that her progressed Midheaven changed sign to indicate that her condition, position and public name altered in that year, 1992.

*) interesting coincidence is that Neptune (the most important planet in the chart of Olivia) is the god of the sea.

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