donderdag 7 februari 2013

Chart of Charles Dickens, born 200 years ago

Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago this year. That is a good enough reason to celebrate with a post on Art&Astrology!:). I have written about Charles Dickens before, referring to his talent, his relationships with women and to the reason why we love his stories, even today, even if his pages don't fit in a tweet.

Here is something more about his chart on my sites:

1. We like the happy ends in the stories of Charles Dickens. The positive thinking of the author is reflected by Moon in Sagittarius (looking at the bright side of life) and the importance of the elevated Jupiter. Jupiter is the astrological symbol of being positive:

2. Charles Dickens had Moon and Neptune square Venus in Pisces and a Mars-Uranus affliction. That is enough for complicated relationships with the opposite sex…Read about Charles and the women in his life on Astropost: 

3. I mentioned him on Art&Astrology iin 2009:

Charles Dickens had Moon and Neptune square Venus in Pisces. All three had a prominent position on the angles. He had the complete pattern of professional artistic talent in his natal chart.

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