woensdag 14 juli 2010

Chart of actor Tony Curtis

This is the chart of Tony Curtis with transits and progressions for the day after hospitalization (July 13, 2010). Tony Curtis is an actor. The pattern of artistic talent (composed by Venus, Moon, Neptune, the signs that they rule and an aspect with Midheaven) is clear:

Venus is sextile Neptune and trine Moon
Moon in Libra is semi sesquisquare Neptune
Pluto is ruler of the 5th house of performance and is in a tight square with Midheaven
Final dispositors of Midheaven: Mercury-Venus in mutual reception (talent for communications)

His progressed Sun changed sign about 4 years ago, when he contractred pneumonia and was in coma for several days. Now he uses a wheelchair. Yesterday he had health problems again and was taken to hospital. 

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