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Chart of Meredith Baxter's coming out

Natal and Progressions for December 2, 2009
Meredith Baxter is on Oprah tonight. Good moment to have a look at the actress in the chart. It is a chart with the Sun in the last degree of Gemini, not making any (major) aspect. That is the symbol of someone drawing attention, like leaders, performers and stars. The Leo Moon seems to confirm this. There is also the pattern of professional artistic talents: a small trine between Moon, Venus and Neptune in Libra, with the Moon square and Neptune semi square Midheaven. That pattern is similar to the patterns of other artists on this blog. The important positions for Jupiter (square Ascendant) and Pluto (conjunct Ascendant) helped her to impress the persons that she met. (See:
And I think that is enough for now...

She divorced a few times, had five children, had too much alcohol for a while and had her coming out on December 2, 2009. Here you see the natal chart and the progressed chart for that day. I mention seven of them:
  • T Quaoar inconjunct Sun/Moon is offering a new way of living, but with a lost
  • Transit Jupiter square Progressed AC/MC offers help and support
  • Progressed Moon sextile Progressed Pholus means a way out to turn emotional tides
  • Progressed Mars on Progressed AC/MC is stimulating
  • Progressed Pluto closer to the natal Ascendant (transforming situation)
  • Progressed Ceres on Progressed Midheaven and square natal Moon
  • Progressed Mercury square natal Mars (discussions)

There is a resemblance with the chart of Ricky Martin's coming out:
1. The same amount of 'easy' aspects (sextiles and trines, making it hard to come out sooner) and the transits and 
2. the kind of progressions for the day of the 'coming out'  (aspects with Pluto, Quaoar and Pholus)

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