maandag 9 augustus 2010

Astrology chart Whitney Houston

Today Whitney Houston is celebrating her birthday. Here is her chart, with transits and progressions and here are some links to posts on and Astrology&Love, related to Whitney Houston. But first, let us see the pattern of artistic talent in her chart and the indications for success. Some observations:

Sun is final dispositors of Midheaven
Sun, Jupiter and Midheaven grand trine
Moon conjunct Jupiter and biquintile Pluto\
Jupiter, ruler of the MC, is rising before the Sun

Moon trine Midheaven
Venus trine Moon and square Neptune

Angular Mercury (importance of using voice or pen)
Venus half semisquare Uranus

Dark sides:
Whitney Houston's Sun opposition Saturn and square Neptune with Saturn inconjunct Node illustrate the darker sides of Whitney Houston's life. Also watch Mars inconjunct the Ascendant for injuries or being hurt due to a partner (Mars in the 7th house). Whitney Houston's AC/MC is in hard aspect with Chiron, introducing the crucial and vital importance of healing. And last but not least: she has Sun opposition Pholus. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point in life and she certainly had dramatic turning points in hers. She shares an aspect between Sun and Pholus with ex Bobby Brown, who has Sun conjunct Pholus. The fact that they share this aspect is reflecting the way that they turned each others'life upside down.

About ex-husband Bobby Brown:

More about the relationship with Bobby Brown:

Whitney Houston seems to (unvoluntarily) attract violent men like Osama bin Laden:

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