woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Sean Connery's birth chart

Sean Connery’s birth day is August 25. His chart is the chart of a cool and strong guy, a ' die hard'. Maybe it is not 'him' but his alter ego James Bond sure is! 

He was born on a day that Pluto was rising before the Sun conjunct Neptune. Pluto is the symbol of power, influence, force and strategy (or politics). Neptune is the symbol of fantasies, ideals, dreams and all other ' unreal' things in life, like movies. With Sun conjunct Neptune you tend to live a life connected to ideals, dreams or myths (or you are just a romantic dreamer:). Neptune is also the symbol of idols and heroes, especially when Neptune is connected to Jupiter: than there is a chance of having a devoted audience (fans, for example). His Jupiter is septile (51.4d) Neptune and Jupiter/Neptune is semi square Moon. Also watch the angular Saturn and Capricorn Ascendant for the cool guy. It seems that women like ' cool' and strong/couragious (Pluto) guys.  I like the  Sun/Moon conjunct Quaoar and the AC/MC square Quaoar: the most individual degrees of the chart show us that he was motivated by the crucial importance of creating new ‘ realities’ (very James Bond) or...that he recreated his complete personality. Connery IS Bond and all Bonds remind us of Connery. His first James Bond was Dr. No. The release date was Oktober 5, 1962.

Here is his chart (Astrodatabank’s data source is a quoted BC). The Midheaven is wide sextile Moon and semi sextile Venus and Venus is semi square Neptune. Venus/Neptune=Moon. And that is the pattern of artistic talent in this chart. However, there is another minor aspect with Midheaven: Neptune 75 MC. And that completes the Moon, Venus, Neptune and MC – combination of working with your (artistic) talents. 

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