maandag 2 augustus 2010

Leonardo di Caprio: first of all a producer?

Leonardo di Caprio said that he wasn’t a sweet little boy, but a fighter. We can see that. Mars in Scorpio is rising before his Sun! That is a statement for someone who is first of all an activist, entrepeneur, soldier,  fighter or ...productive (a producer). 
BTW he is fighting for the environment (MC in Cancer) as a producer.  And maybe that is exactly what he wants to. Here is the chart.

But where is the actor in the chart?
The usual pattern of artistic talent is created by aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven. There is no such pattern in this chart, however, not even with minor aspects. There is another combination with a bit of a similar effect:

1. AC/MC semi square Sun and Venus
When he was born the horizon and meridan made a hard aspect with Sun and Venus. That means that he is all in all someone drawing attention and …a charming person

2. Moon and AC in Libra
Sense of beauty and esthetics show up in his appearances

3. MC in Cancer
His life’s goal is to keep memories, history and recipes alive (either by education or by repeating them...) or …to memorize, care or play a role…

And he is a good looking guy:

4. Saturn is 75 degrees from the Ascendant and trine Venus (for the cool guy)
Moon in Libra square Saturn (dito)

All statistics have exceptions on the rules and DiCaprio is one of them. A good looking artistic man, above all ambitious and driven and what is crucial (AC/MC): drawing attention and charming…And I almost forgot to mention Jupiter inconjunct Pluto: with extraordinary success (with challenging effects).

So, if you don't have the usual pattern of artistic professional talent, don't hesitate to check if the sum of your qualities might be enough to become a star, especially when your Sun is sesquisquare MC and semi square AC/MC, like Leonardo di Caprio has. Because that would be a double indication for a starring role:).

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