vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Conductor George Pretre

George Pretre is a famous and inspiring conductor. Born in 1924 and he conducted the Vienna New Year’s Concert of 2010, standing all the time.
He married in 1950 and has 2 children. He is Grand Officer of the Legion d’Honneur. And that is not the only reward or prize.

On the day of his birth Jupiter, Mars and Saturn were unaspected (no Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). They were ‘ calling’.  Calling Mars: the workaholic, the man with the drive…Calling Jupiter: the international, the traveler…Calling Saturn: the manager, the classical (ambition). But he is first of all an artist, a sensitive man (Neptune rising before and conjunct the Sun).
 There is no hour of birth for this conductor and that is limiting the reading of his chart. Just this: Mars is quintile Pholus. I think that that is astrological for a creative way to direct the next twist or turn by means of a stickJ, a creative turning point in a an artistic work (Mars Pisces).

The pattern of artistic talent is as follows:

Moon biquintile Venus if born between 10 and 14 hours
Venus novile Neptune (a novile is 1/9 of the circle=40 d)
Moon opposition Neptune
And maybe Sun/Moon is in hard aspect with Neptune

I like the Leo Sun for performance and for leading the orchestra. It is a pleasure to watch him conducting..

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