zondag 18 december 2011

Chart of Van Morrison

The positions in the chart of Van Morrison clearly show the pattern of the professional artistic talent (composed by minor or major aspects of Moon, Venus and Neptune and the signs of their rulership with Midheaven). Let's see:
Chart, progressions and transits of today, Dec 18, 2011
There is the Midheaven in Pisces (sign ruled by Neptune) exactly trine Moon in Cancer (ruled by Moon) and inconjunct Venus in Leo. That would already be a statement, but there is more. Neptune, ruler of Midheaven, is in aspect with Venus (sextile) and Moon (square). Ruler MC Neptune is in Libra and in the fifth house of entertainment. It is a more than complete pattern.

There is more to see in this chart. For example, the position of the Moon in the 12th house for the need for privacy.Right now tabloids report about the loss of a lover and their child this year.

Van Morrison is famous for 'Brown Eyed Girl'. The latest album release was in 2009.

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Andrea Tavino zei

I just wanted to let you know I love your blog!

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a post on Edie Sedgwick or Bettie Page? I'm not sure how familiar you are with them because they're more cult figures in America. Even if you don't do an actual post on either of them I'd recommend looking at Page's chart because its very interesting.

Also: my nephew's chart has Venus, Neptune, Moon all conjunct 4 degrees of each other in Aquarius. His MC is in Venus-ruled Libra. He definitely has an artistic pattern in his chart but there some problematic influences too (which I won't get into here.)

Astromarkt zei

Thank you Andrea! Betty Page's chart is on my site Astropost. Here is the link (just copy and paste):


I don't know who is Edie Sedgwick:( but I will have a look at the chart if I can find info!

Unknown zei

I let you know I love your blog! http://googletraveller.blogspot.com