dinsdag 20 december 2011

Chart of Edie Sedgwick

On special request I had a look at the chart of the late actrice (in movies of Warhol) and model Edie Sedgwick. By intuition I selected the optional Pallas on Astro.com and see: Pallas is elevated in the chart. Whenever patterns (such as role models) are of importance to someone, Pallas is important in the chart.

Edie Sedgwick's chart has Midheaven trine Moon, square Venus and 157.5 (sesquisquare + half semi square) Neptune. Moon, Venus and Neptune are not connected by aspects between them. This means that the career of Edie Sedgewick had artistic aspects.

Another pattern in the chart of Edie Sedgwick is that of the beautiful woman: Venus conjunct Saturn and sextile Pluto (the pattern that says: 'If you want to be beautiful, you must suffer'). Read about that on Astropost (Charts of beautiful women). She suffered from anorexia and ended her life at age 26.

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Andrea Tavino zei

Thank you! I hadn't noticed the elevated pallas. Interesting.