woensdag 6 april 2011

Chart of Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf is news again, see:

That is with the next transits and progressions:

Transit Neptune in the very last minutes of Aquarius, opposition progressed Mars and
Transit Neptune sextile progressed Venus and 
Transit Neptune quindecile progressed Pluto...
Transit Chiron inconjunct natal Sun
Transit Nessus, conjunct the Ascendant
 Transit Jupiter square AC/MC
Transit Mercury square natal Pholus

With transit Uranus about to be in opposition with his natal Sun and Mars almost in opposition already we might expect to see him in the news again more often in the next few months. 

But how about the pattern of talent? It is there, in the natal chart:

Moon in Pisces is calling (emotions at any possible level)
Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra (sensitivity)
Moon square Midheaven is the tightest aspect. He started as an actor!
Venus sextile Midheaven
Neptune sextile Midheaven
There it is again: the combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune with each other and MC and the signs Pisces and Libra. 

We all know Meat Loaf! Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees means that he is drawing attention at any possible level. Leaders and stars have such a sun! The elevated Jupiter square Midheaven goes for success. (The Sun semi square the orientational Saturn (rising before the Sun and on Descendant) might explain some of the difficulties in his life and career, such as with his father - an alcoholic-).

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