zondag 3 april 2011

Chart of Doris Day

Doris Day was very popular. You can see that in her chart for April 3, 1922. The tightest major aspects are:

Sun opposition Jupiter
Sun trine Neptune (almost exact!)
Jupiter sextile Neptune

That is the combination of the devoted audience.  She was worshipped by her fans! But where is the actrice in the chart?

We see that the Moon is in tight aspect with Venus (sextile) and Neptune (semi square) and with Midheaven (conjunction). That is a complete pattern of talent. With Venus inconjunct Ascendant style, sympathy or beauty came her way. The Sun quintile Midheaven made her creative in drawing attention. And Mercury, opposition Ascendant and square Midheaven tells us that communications are of importance. And how about that elevated Moon in Gemini, square Ascendant, keeping her 'forever young' in the eyes of the public? 

She was a singer and an actrice but she was also an activist for animal rights. And that is very Sun trine Neptune! See Astropost about Sun trine Neptune, dogs, rescues and Presley, for example.
Doris Day married a couple of times. Venus in Aries semi square Uranus and quintile Pluto tell us about exciting loves at first sight and impulsive relationships. 

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