woensdag 16 september 2009

Astrology chart of Vera Lynn (no HOB)

Vera Lynn is number one in the British charts with 'We'll meet again', 70 years since she recordreded it, nos that she is 92! There is no available hour of birth, but it is easy to see that:

- her progressed Sun is changing sign
- transit Pluto recently was conjunct progressed Sun (referring to a come back!)
- transit Pluto also was inconjunct her natal Sun in the latest years
I guess that life has been more intense (again) than ever. She is in a period of transformation to another life style. Such a period can be very difficult
- Mars is rising before the Sun and conjunct Sun
- transit Uranus is about to reach natal Mars
- transit Saturn will soon be opposition natal Mars
Those are indications for restricted energy and excitement at the same time.

But, let us see why her album is such a success throughout the years.

Very Lynn´s songs became popular in times of war. Mars, the ancient god of war, is rising before her Sun and Mars is in the artistic sign of Pisces. She has Venus in Pisces, too and that is a good placement for an artist as ist means that there is enough sensitity and a chance of artistic talent or being appreciated as an artist. Venus is conjunct Mercury, so that this talent goes together with communications (the voice or the pen). This combination of indications is valid for all those who were born on her day: 20 March 1917, including the ' calling ' Ceres (in the 12th degree of Virgo, not making any aspect at all)). When Ceres is important roots are, too. Transit Jupiter is now inconjunct her progressed Ceres, so that she benefits from her roots in an extraordinary way

Probably Dame Vera Lynn has important angular placements and/or combinations of Sun/Moon and/or AC/MC with the planets of success and entertainment. We can only guess without hour of birth. And that leaves us with an incomplete pattern of artistic talent, as there is only Venus in Pisces perhaps within 2 degrees orb biquintle Neptune, reflecting it. I like the reading on Bristol School of Astrology, see this link http://www.bristolschoolofastrology.com/

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