vrijdag 11 september 2009

Astrology chart Andy Warhol

Today various works of Andy Warhol has been stolen out of the house of a friend of his. Time to have a look at the pattern of artistic talents in the chart of the painter of pop art. Watch the Aquarius (modern) Midheaven conjunct the Moon (pop): he had a need to be different than the rest, to be 'new'. The Moon is also in Aquarius in the most used charts of the USA. Warhol's art is strongly based upon the American way of life.

Neptune is in aspect with the Moon. The biquintile aspect is reflecting a creative super sensitivity. That allowed him to see the world with different eyes and to see the art in a can of soup. Venus is square Neptune and that is the combination of artistic talents. It combines style and vision. Venus is 112.5 degrees from AC/MC, making style and beauty of crucial importance. So is the position of Pallas, square Ascendant. Pallas is the symbol of patterns and often placed at an angle or square AC in the charts of artists. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the Sun (the oriental planet) and that refers to being orientated on the immaterial world of (for example) arts. There is also an important Mars in this chart. It seems that he wanted to become a machine and the working place was named 'Factory', with lots of producing artists in the house. Mars also refers to the scar and the pain of the injury that was caused by a feminist artist who shot him.

Uranus is the planet of controversy and extravagance. Mercury is the planet of communications. These planet don't make major aspects, so that he could become a newsmaker at any level, in spite of being shy.
The Moon, Uranus and Neptune are part of a so called 'golden Yod'. He had a typical behaviour and typical desires. That was his strength and it was his weakness.

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