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Astrology chart Louis Ferdinand Céline

Doctor and controversial (anti semitic) talented writer Louis-Ferdinand Celine was born in the 19th century with Mars oriental. He started his career in the First World War as a soldier. He was honoured with medals. This inspired him later in 'Journey to the End of the Night'. He was an outstanding writer at least when he wrote his first book. Where do we find that in his chart? I found his hour of birth on but I get another degree of ASC and Midheaven that they do, using my computer program (astrolab)_. The reason that I remembered Celine is that Sarkozy quoted him.

Controversy is indicated by the position of Uranus 157.5 degrees from Sun/Moon. He was motivated by rebellion, change and independance. Uranus happens to be the ruler of the 5th equal house (the creative house). The racist in the chart is perhaps illustrated by CERES (symbol of genes) conjunct AC/MC JUST LIKE NEPTUNE. Neptune is the symbol of the ideal. Idealisation of the family and racial background (Ceres) is one of the ways the Neptune-Ceres relationship with AC/MC could .

Celine has a Pisces Moon for empathy and fantasy.
The Leo Midheaven has Mercury in Gemini as final dispositor. Mercury is strong in Gemini and Mercury is the planet of communications.

Venus is opposition Ascendant. This crucial angular placement contributes to style and art.

Neptune is square the crosspoint of the chart: AC/MC. That means that art, fantasy and fiction is of crucial importance.

Venus and Neptune are septile to reflect inspirational artistic talent.

The Libra Ascendant helps to see the world more beautiful or 'arty' as it is.

That is the astrological pattern of artistic talent. One might wonder if the Midheaven is in Cancer perhaps, with the Moon in Pisces ruling the MC and again Mercury in Gemini final dispositor.

Mercury is strong in Gemini, but there is another reason why communicating (writing) is so important for this chart. Sixty percent of the placements is in air signs and air signs symbolize communicating. Gemini is a movable sign and 70% of the placements in this chart is in movable signs.
In 1932 he published for the first time: he became an artist. That was the year that progressed Venus joined his natal Sun. His book was a success. Later works were very anti semitic so that he had to leave France in June 1944 untill amnesty in 1951. In 1951 his progressed Sun changed sign, just like his life style changed.

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