vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Talent of David Bowie

On Astropost I write about the Mars-Saturn issue in the chart, transits and progressions of David Bowie. Mars-Saturn is the theme of discipline, ended energy and blocked activity, but also the theme of heroes. There are rumors about his health AND there are rumors about a concert during the Olympics. The Mars-Saturn energy requires hard work and strict measures. Let us see how this energy pops up in real life.

Here I have a look at the artist in the chart. David Bowie is a man of many talents. Maybe that is why there are so many prominent placements in the chart.

We see:
  • Uranus calling! (and inconjunct Sun and Mars)
  • Jupiter calling!
(Jupiter and Uranus symbolize the sudden windfall. It is a lucky combination).
  • Venus is elevated (entertainment)
  • Mars rises before the sun (activist, enterprise)
This shows us that there is passion (Venus and Mars) and that there are party's (Venus and Jupiter) and maybe a short fuse (Mars-Uranus) but also always successful action (Mars-Jupiter).
  • Moon, Saturn and Pluto are on the Descendant (for difficulties to reach out)
Those are 70% of the placements. Among them: Moon, Neptune and Venus, part of the pattern of artistic talents.

The Moon is trine Venus and half sesquisquare (67.5d) Neptune. Venus is septile Neptune. Venus is conjunct Midheaven, the Moon is trine Midheaven and Neptune is sextile Midheaven. All three are prominent in the chart. It is unmistakable the chart of someone with a great professional artistic career.

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