vrijdag 2 maart 2012

The talented chart of Jon Bon Jovi

Today is the birthday of Jon Bon Jovi and it surprised me that I hadn’t added his chart to Art-astrology.blogspot.com before. In the 90's I always had Bon Jovi on when I was cleaning the house (yes, the music helps you to keep the faith with any job!). So here it is:

Artists (professionals) always have the pattern of artistic talent in their chart. You know: the signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune (Cancer, Libra, Taurus and Pisces) on the angles or with placementes of the Moon, Venus and/or Midheaven, and... the Moon, Venus and Neptune related to Midheaven.
Jon Bon Jovi has it, too. Notice:

Venus in Pisces
Cancer Midheaven
Libra Ascendant
Moon sextile Venus and quintile Neptune
Venus exactly trine Midheaven
Moon opposition Midheaven

What more can I say? Just listen to the music:

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