vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Chart of Bill Cosby

This is the natal chart of Bill Cosby, a talented actor (and comedian, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist).  We can see that he works in an artistic profession. The Moon (trine), Venus (biquintile) and Neptune (trine) are in aspect with Midheaven. That links the career to talent. Venus/Neptune midpoint is semi square the Moon. And Pallas is elevated with Jupiter: he is the positive role model. Even the importance of home and family life - the main subject of everything that he does - can be found. Sun/Moon midpoint is conjunct Vesta (keeper of the fire place) and AC/MC midpoint is opposition Vesta and Sun/Moon. Vesta is in the fifth house of show and entertainment to show us that his performances are about what is ‘domestic’.

We could stop here: a positive artistic role model of family life, but there is more, like the well aspected Uranus rising before the Sun and Venus and trine Midheaven (independence) or the opposition of Mercury and Pallas (a pattern of communications).

Maybe it is good to have a look at Venus sextile Saturn (ruler MC), because he does one man shows. In Dutch comedians are part of ‘kleinkunst’ (small art, literally). It is not meant as an insult! It means: performing art for entertainment. Venus is the symbol of entertainment and artists. Saturn is the symbol of 'small'. Venus-Saturn combinations often appear in the charts of similar kind of artists. Venus’ biquintile with Midheaven again shows a creative way to entertain the public.

If this was not the chart of Bill Cosby, but of any other man, it would be the chart of an optimist, a positive person, an international above all with an independent view. Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in this chart. They symbolize the helicopter view and the inventive mind. I also like Mercury quintile Uranus (a creative way of saying controversial or new things ....or creating new ideas and words). 
And what’s that Quaoar doing, inconjunct his Ascendant? Maybe creating a new perspective (but a little ‘overdone’:)? 

Perhaps there is more to mention, like the combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto for the successful communications. But I stop here. A positive role model, motivated by the family and working with talent, creatively entertaining the public...that is how one can work with the possibilities of this natal chart. It can even be 'done' shorter: he has the capability (biquintile) to enjoy (Venus) the public (MC) and make people laugh. 

When he started his career in entertainment, transit Pholus and transit Jupiter were opposition his progressed Sun. He was at a positive turning point in life! That was 50 years ago and he's still working!

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