zondag 6 maart 2011

Chart of Phil Collins (now that he stops)

Phil Collins definitely stops playing the music. See Anglophenia about it...He said that the music won't miss him. Phil Collins attributed a lot to pop music and had many fans, however. 
Pluto is often involved in 'come backs'. In 2010, Phil Collins released the album named 'Going back' (...). The inconjunction is the symbol of loosing balance, losts and giving up. I read that his I think that the transit of Pluto inconjunct his Midheaven 'helps' to devaluate his own achievements and is illustrating the difficult position and (physical) conditions. Before that (in 2010) I mentioned:
I see Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Mars (for loss of muscle/energy or having to give up working). Progressed Ascendant is inconjunct Venus, Progressed Venus square Midheaven, Transit Neptune sextile progressed Mars.  Except for the last mentioned transit the indications are only valid for an AA-rated chart. There is one big indication for a sudden change: progressed Sun is square Uranus.  And if the B-rated chart is correct, this sudden change went along with a difficult inconjunction of Mars. Mars happens to be important for someone who is hitting drums. That is because Mars is the symbol of striking, hitting and using tools.

Now there is also transit Saturn square natal Mercury. Saturn square Mercury has never been the symbol of the optimistic idea (sometimes even 'doom thinking') and often accompanies a hard decission, like a farewell (saying = Mercury and stop, quit, goodbye = Saturn). Saturn-Mercury is also the combination of the writer's block.

This blog is about the pattern of artistic talent in the chart. Here is the pattern of Phil Collins:

1. The Sun and Venus are 'calling' in his natal chart
That means 'drawing attention' (performing) at any possible level.
And it means 'style, entertainment' at any possible level, too.

2. Moon is rising before the Sun. 
That gives an important place to emotions.

3. The Moon is trine Venus, out of sign. I wonder if that (the not matching signs of Moon and Venus) makes him feel like 'not being part of the world or artists', even though there is a sense of beauty and what people like.

4. Midheaven is quintile Neptune, square the Moon and quatronovile (160d) Venus: his profession is connected to the trio of art (Moon, Venus and Neptune).

More about the artist in the chart of Phil Collins :

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