maandag 12 juli 2010

Astropost: Roman Polanski and Jupiter...

The pattern of artistic talent*) in the chart of Roman Polanski is made like this:

Cancer Midheaven

Moon in Cancer

Moon sextile Venus

Moon semi square Neptune

Venus half semi square AC/MC

Venus conjunct Jupiter and sextile Pluto made him popular and allowed him to earn a lot of money. There is three times a combination of Sun, Jupiter and Pluto (for example: Sun conjunct Jupiter/Pluto) because the Sun is positioned right in the middle of Jupiter and Pluto.

The Sun is conjunct the midpoint of Moon and Venus and of Moon and Jupiter. Also Jupiter is conjunct Sun/Mars. This huge amount of indications for success and protection helped him to survive World War II and brought him successes. Jupiter, the planet of protection and of 'abroad', is half semi square AC/MC and semi square Sun/Moon. He managed to get out of the hands of justice by living in France. The position of Jupiter in the 12th house has been seen more often in the charts of those who find asylum in another country (like Kaiser Wilhelm, for example). Polanski originated in Poland.

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