zondag 21 maart 2010

Astrology chart of Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is a rapper and an actress (also in commercials). That is not all. She has her own perfume line, she is a film producer and she was asked to recite a poem written by Mary Angelou at the memorial service for Michael Jackson. She has already written her autobio in 1999 (with P Sun-Pluto, an appropriate progression for digging up your past) and does kick boxing for fun. The surgery (breast reduction) that she underwent in early 2003 was in a period of changing life style.

Her nickname is very much in line with the positions of Sun and Moon. Latifah means ‘ delicate’ and isn’t Pisces one of the most delicate sun signs? Leo is the ‘ royal’ sign and that is where her Moon is.

The indications for a career in entertainment and styling are:

- Neptune without aspect in sign; a ‘ calling ‘ Neptune refers to fantasy, romance, ideals or beliefs and art at any possible level.
- Neptune is rising before the Sun and Mercury (so Neptune is the first rising outer planet); that is indicating an orientation on the non-material field (art, religion, ideals)
- Neptune conjunct Sun/Moon and semi square Jupiter/Pluto for being motivated by success as an artist (or an idealistic view) – and this somehow, anyhow
NEPTUNE is the most important planet in the chart. Neptune is the planet of orientation, the planet of vocation and the planet of motivation in this chart! Unfortunately, Neptune is also the planet of drugs. Queen Latifah was addicted to drugs in the 90s.
Other observations related to her professional career:
- Venus and Mars in each other’s sign (mutual reception) at the end of the vocational routing (Capricorn MC, Saturn in Taurus, Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus) for passion
- Moon trine Venus for sense of beauty and style
- Venus/Neptune (midpoint of artistic talents) is conjunct her Leo Moon (desire to show off)

There is no direct connection between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven, but there is Venus opposition Uranus for sense of rhythm. This Venus-Uranus combination is frequent in the charts of dancers and singers and poets.

There are a number of dramas in her life, like the death of a brother on a motorcycle that she had given him or the carjacking that involved the death of a friend. She was arrested in 1996, with transit Saturn (symbol of restrictions) conjunct the natal Sun. Mars conjunct Saturn and this conjunction inconjunct Uranus mirror possible accidents, incidents, restricted freedom (and the short fuse). Kick boxing (hitting hard) fits with Mars-Saturn, too. With this combination it is always possible to get the short fuse under control. (Einstein has the Mars-Saturn-Uranus combination too and he mentions how he learned to control his temperament.)

PS I like the positions of Chariklo (just before the Sun) and Lilith (square Ascendant) as representatives of the strong woman that she is according to the title of her autobiography: “Ladies First, revelations of a strong woman”.

For more about Venus-Uranus and Mars-Uranus, see Astropost or Astromarkt.

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