vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Lil Wayne, rapper on trial

There hadn't been a chart of a rapper on this blog before, so here it is. You see the chart, progressions and transits of Lil Wayne.

Transit Uranus biquintile progressed Sun
Transit Saturn conjunct natal Sun
Transit Pluto square natal Sun
Transit Jupiter inconjunct natal Sun

Those are the transits of rapper Lil Wayne, perfectly showing us the fame of the moment (with disbalance as a result of it) and the situation next Tuesday: he will have to appear in court for illegal possesion of a weapon and he might end up in jail. His hour of birth is unknown, so there is few information about his natal chart. Still there are indications for rapping. It takes words, sense of rhythm and artistic talents. He got it:

1. Mercury doesn't make major aspects in sign. I name that a 'calling' Mercury. A calling Mercury refers to communication skills. Jupiter also doesn't make major aspects in sign. A calling Jupiter, together with a calling Mercury points at success in using pen or voice at any possible level.

2. Venus is exactly square Neptune. The combination of Venus-Neptune is the combination of artistic talents and sensitivity.

3. Mercury is quintile Neptune for a creative way to invent stories.

4. And Venus is semisesquisquare Uranus for sense of rhythm and artistic aspirations.

Here above is the chart for the day of his birth at noon (there is no known Ascendant, MC or Moon sign).

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