zaterdag 12 december 2009

Astrology chart Andrea Bocelli

Did I say that I posted the last chart of an artist? If I did, I lied because it might be the one that I am posting now!:) I noticed that Adrea Bocelli is coming over to Southern California and that is a good reason to pay attention to his natal chart!
Andrea Bocelli is a very famous singer with a touching voice. He was born September 22, 1958 at 5h15 a.m. in Laiatico (close to Pisa). That is when Mercury was prominent and Mercury is the symbol of the oice. Mercury is important for 4 reasons:

1. For being the final dispositor of Midheaven
2. For being conjunct Ascendant
3. For being strong in own sign Virgo
(4. Because Mercury is rising before the Sun)

Mercury is conjunct Venus (communications with style), Venus is semi sextile Uranus (sense of rhythm) and square Midheaven (that relates the career to entertainment). Mercury is semi square Jupiter/Neptune. That shows that he has a devoted audience! And watch the position of Saturn. Saturn could be read as the ' classical' component, just like it is in the chart of Andre Rieux.also very popular and ' classical' .

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