zondag 4 oktober 2009

Astrology chart Vaclav Havel (playwright)

When you see the natal chart of Vaclav Havel (former President of the Czech Republic, born October 5 1936 at about 15:00 hours) you immediately see the political leader*). Perhaps that is why when we are asked who Havel is, we think of the President first.

But Vaclav Havel also is a playwright and poet (after studying drama). That part of Havel is shown by the fact that Mercury (planet of the writer) doesn't make major aspects in sign while Neptune's oriental position is reflecting the imaginary world of fantasy, beliefs and idealism. There is also the Moon in Gemini (need to communicate) in the 5th house of creativity, square Neptune (fantasy, fiction) and Neptune septile Venus. Venus is half semisquare and Neptune is quintile the Midheaven. Here we have a complete pattern of artistic talent used as a professon!

However, Mercury only makes a soft aspect with Midheaven. Pluto is trine Midheaven (out of sign) and Mars makes a square. His career involved political (Pluto) discussions (Mercury-Mars) and later in life he remained political active (Mars-Pluto). But I think he uses creative thinking to be good at it!

The Sun does not make major aspects in sign
The Sun is quintile Pluto
Pluto is on the Descendant

It bareley takes mare to describe a person who will always draw attention and who wants to be in the center of it (the star: Sun) and who is also a strategist when it comes to it (Pluto on an angle).

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